i am kristian knoop, production sound mixer and boom operator.

I am Kristian Knoop, a production sound mixer and boom operator with over 8 years of specialized experience in sound. I am dedicated to continuously honing my skills, expanding my knowledge, and nurturing my passion for effectively capturing my clients’ message in any environment. Equipped with top-quality gear from brands like Zaxcom and Sennheiser, I am well-prepared to handle various types of productions, ranging from multi-cam setups to intimate single-subject interviews.

On set, my approach is to maintain a low profile while being proactive in addressing unexpected situations without causing disruptions. I take pride in my friendly and easy-going personality, which allows me to be a valuable team player capable of seamlessly collaborating with all departments, even during long and demanding days.

Beyond my technical expertise, I also place great importance on building strong connections with the characters and actors in my projects. This connection enables a more comfortable and productive filming experience for everyone involved, fostering a positive and creative atmosphere.