Hi, I’m Kristian Knoop, an experienced sound mixer and boom operator. I’ve worked on many films, series, and documentaries, and I love new challenges. I understand the immense impact of sound in evoking emotions and telling a story, I work closely with the director and sound designer to make all preparations are made before the recordings.

As a production sound mixer, it is my goal to create consistency between picture and sound, which together form the story. For me, it’s not just about listening, but also understanding the sound and its added value. I always strive to record audio of the highest possible quality, so that the sound contributes to the film’s story and delivers the right message to the viewer.

I like to prepare and think about the right approach for each project, collaborating closely with sound designers from the beginning. Finding the right balance between picture and sound during both sound recording and sound design is my priority.

I also think it’s important to connect with actors and characters on set. It helps everyone feel more comfortable and makes for a better filming experience. Of course, I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills and learn new things.

In addition to my professional background, it is worth mentioning that I am of mixed Surinamese heritage. My Surinamese roots have enriched my understanding of sound and culture, allowing me to approach projects with a broader perspective. I am familiar with various languages and cultural nuances, enabling effective communication and collaboration with individuals from diverse backgrounds. These intercultural skills allow me to create an inclusive and supportive environment on set, where everyone feels valued and heard.

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