In 2020, I started Sound Spectre, a small business I run myself. The Covid-19 pandemic led me to experiment with 3D printing and designing models. I found the technical aspect of it immensely intriguing. After a few designs and failed prints, I was nearly discouraged. Until I finally mastered it and began printing small things, both for family and personal use at home. Facebook saw the rise of more and more 3D printing groups where valuable information was shared with the community. I learned a lot there, and later invested in 2 additional printers. After numerous adjustments, late-night printing sessions, and experiments, Sound Spectre came to life. My primary goal is to create handy, effective products that enhance workflow efficiency. With that in mind, I designed the first product: the Dome. It’s a simple design often used by sound technicians. You can place the boompole in the Dome when you have other tasks between takes. It’s a robust design that can take a hit. A highly appreciated product that gave Sound Spectre a significant boost, as it’s widely used by sound professionals in the Netherlands and many places in Europe.

Equipment and items often break fastest during transport when not properly stored or secured. Given the cost of this equipment, you want it to last long. You don’t want everything to be a mess every time you open a case. The Grill is a compact 3D-printed case holder for Zaxcom ZMT transmitters. I looked for a solution and found one, just like with many other products. Why buy things when you can customize them for specific purposes and address problems not only I but others also face? With that mindset, I try to support the sound film industry by creating products that meet its needs. Together with my colleagues, we find solutions to the problems we encounter. “All heads together”!

Here are some small compilation of some Sound Spectre products!