Director: Stefan Mandersloot Scenario: Sid Zeno Duit, Caylee Nielen, Koen Janssens D.o.P.: Jason Hornung 1AD: Frederike Scheffer Producer: Tjeerd Melchers Gaffer: Tjeerd Melchers Production Sound Mixer: Kristian Knoop Sound Design: Roel Wildenburg Montage: Sid Zeno Duit, Caylee Nielen Make-up & hair: Minou Meijers Grading: Stefan Mandersloot Cast: Jip Warmerdam, Versonique Post, Nick Deroo Length: 8.04m […]


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Onderhuids Director: Emma, Branderhorst D.o.P.: Michel Rosendaal Production Sound Mixer: Kristian Knoop Length: 19.53m Year: 2019

The Soap of Life

The Stangs, a group from The Hague, started out as a vehicle for friendship and a communal love for music many other high school classmates weren’t interested in. By combining influences from the sixties with sounds inspired by the Dutch west coast and contemporary music, they create their own genre they jokingly coined Dune Beat. […]

The Long Road Home

Jennifer heeft nooit eerder met haar vader kunnen praten over belangrijke gebeurtenissen in het verleden. Een echte vader-dochter band is hierdoor nooit ontwikkeld. In The Long Road Home gaat zij het gesprek aan met haar vader en haar familieleden die zo lang hebben gezwegen. CREW Director: Jennifer Gijrath Producers: Charlene Vos, Jolijn van Rinsum Cinematography: […]


Official selection: Go Short – International Short Film Festival (ENG) JUNKSKE (youngest)  Troubled teenager Raf wants to follow in the footsteps of his older brother Boas, but he is far from home in the harsh world he lives in. He is thwarted by both his aggressive opponents at school, as his older brother who does […]