The Stangs – ’Tuschinski’

The Stangs, a group from The Hague, started out as a vehicle for friendship and a communal love for music many other high school classmates weren’t interested in. By combining influences from the sixties with sounds inspired by the Dutch west coast and contemporary music, they create their own genre they jokingly coined Dune Beat. Expect jangly guitar and organ riffs backed by a melodic bass and swinging drums, yet still leaving room for harmonies with the occasional shout.

DOP: Wrister Meiresonne
Sound design: Michiel Mutsaerts
Production Sound Mixer: Kristian Knoop

Cast in order of appearance: Justin Estacio Moustafa Badwy Bodine Sutorius Written and performed by The Stangs Recorded and mixed by Michiel Mutsaerts and Justin Schellekens Mastered by Bart Schatteleijn

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Length: 6m
Year: 2020