Gentle Wildfire


Film Gentle wildfire deals with disappearing memories in the aftermath of a forest fire. It tells the story of Photographer Carlos’ self-confronting journey back to his hometown where he rekindles his connection to his roots.

A short experimental film Shot in Portugal and the Netherlands the film will Premiere as film-installation at Museum Hilversum in September 2020.

Produced by Interakt Mira Mendel & René Mendel.
Production manager Nikki Thie,
Line producer Jimy Silva de Almeida.
Director of photography Lonneke Worm.
Editing Tim Roza,
Grading Michiel Rummens Amator
Sound by Kristian Knoop,
Soundtrack Peter Vandrie,
Choir Dordrechts Brandweerkoor,
Choir conductor Johan van den Hoedt,
Choir sound recording Jaap Sijben, Soundmix Rick Haring.

Carlos played by Rúben Gomes. Sonia played by Sonia Santos, Young Carlos played by Rafael João Cabral da Silva

With; Adelino Esperanç, Laurinda Carvalheiro Barbeiro Esperança, Carlos Trinidade, Vitor Lopes Almeida, Orlando Esperto, Manuel Santos Esperto, Palmira Caminho, Diamantino Neto, Carlos Manuel Silva, Fernando Grácio Gaspar, Sapadores Florestais de Mafra.

This film is made possible by Stichting Strandlinks and the the Dutch film Fund.