BILAL WAHIB: altijd, altijd

The Amsterdam-based actor Bilal Wahib (1999) is a rising star who worked his way up from poverty and special education to Shooting Star at the Berlinale. Everyone embraces this golden boy. The night before receiving the Edison Award, he starts a livestream. Due to an ill-chosen joke, the internet explodes and heroism is swapped for banishment. Based on in-depth interviews with Bilal and the people around him, archive footage and rehearsal scenes, we gain insight in Bilal’s life then – and now.

Regie: Anne de Clercq
(Part of Dutch part) Production Sound Mixer: Kristian Knoop
Boom Operator: Floris Werver, Thijs Brands
Sound Design: Tim van Peppen, Paul Gies
Producer: Lea Fels, Isidoor Roebers, Nijnke van Willigenburg
DOP: Rutger Storm