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dome white
Artikelnr: DOME#002

Note: this dome comes with bolt choice, nut, and ring. Suitable for all types. Panamic, Amiebient, VDB K-tek and Rode – Boompoles

The DOME is a strong version for robust environments.

Wall or cart mount for boompoles
Weight and dimensions excluding packaging.

Weight (excl.packaging): 105 gr
Dimensions (excl.packaging): 8,5 x 7,0 x 5,0 cm

Boompole holder

Boompole holder suitable for Panamic, Ambient, K-tek VDB booms: plastic, flexible hold weight: 4kg

M8 x 35
M8 x 45
M8 x 50
M8 x 60


Dome White


The DOME is a useful tool boom holder for organizing your boom poles and storing them in a safe place on your sound cart. The best way to use it is in combination with the Original Quickfist Clamp.

It is made of strong 3D-printed PLA material that is reliable under all circumstances. So when you bump your cart against a wall it will not break. The design with a hole in the middle is waterproof. The DOME includes M8 screws** and bolts to keep it in place. This way we ensure that you can safely go on the road with your expensive belongings.

Also available in black.


Dome Assembly instruction video

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