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#Whatisyourthing PRODUCTION COMPANY: Thing DIRECTOR: Symen Hoogesteger DOP: Tim Griffioen EDITOR: Djarno van den Bergh SOUND DESIGN: Kristian Knoop MUSIC: Kristian Knoop

Ken je dat gevoel?

VOICE OVER: Maydien CLIENT: Building Heroes / Construction University CREW: DIRECTOR: Symen Hoogesteger DOP: Niels Lelieveld GAFFER: Thom van Dongen PRODUCER: Marleen Pulles PRODUCER ASSISTANT: Fabienne Poot EDITOR: Maiko van der Horst SOUND DESIGN: Kristian Knoop GRADING: Jelle Helwig CAST: Judith Kotigaro Richella van den Burg Rens Beks Year: 2019 Duration: 0.55m

The Soap of Life

The Stangs, a group from The Hague, started out as a vehicle for friendship and a communal love for music many other high school classmates weren’t interested in. By combining influences from the sixties with sounds inspired by the Dutch west coast and contemporary music, they create their own genre they jokingly coined Dune Beat. […]