LEAF tells the story of Nora and her son Sil who set out to find one of the last green habitats in future parched earth. But when Sil undergoes a strange physical change during their journey through the merciless heath, Nora’s fear grows of what they will find on the other side of the desert. […]


Fiction, Additional Sound regie: Robin Pront dop: Robrecht Heyvaert production sound mixer: Antoin Cox production sound mixer: second unit: additional : Kristian Knoop boom operator: Jochem Smit length: 2h 18m year: 2023

Happy Ending

Fiction, Boom Operator regie: Joosje Duk dop: Ezra Reverda production sound mixer: Oliver Pattinama boom operator: Pieter van Huijstee & Kristian Knoop broadcast: Netflix length: 1h 33m year: 2023

Hotel Sinestra

When Ava (11) wishes on a whim to get rid of her overprotective parents during a winter holiday in Hotel Sinestra, next morning all grown-ups have miraculously disappeared. The party goes wild: the children can do whatever they want! Until eventually, riled up by the remarkable childish Jonas, a life-threatening situation arises with a powercut […]


Regie: Iván López Núñez Production Sound Mixer: Kristian Knoop Boom Operator: Thomas Machtel Length: +-45m Year: 2022   Dormis op IMDB

De Zitting

Still, Film-sound, Documentary-sound, Production-sound-recording, Film-recording, Filmproducent, geluid-Kristian Knoop, film-en-tv, film-op-tv, films-tv, documentaire-op-tv, tv-en-film, films-of-tv, geluid-voor-film, geluid-voor-films, sound-mixer, production-sound, boom-operator, Geluid-van-films, Geluidsopname-voor-film, Geluidsopname-voor-documentaire, Sounddesign, Sound-design, Sound-design-voor-film, Dutch-sound-mixer, Dutch-production-sound-mixer, Sound-for-film-netherlands, Recording-sound-on-locations, Best-sound-recordist, Sound-recordist, geluid, geluid-film, Film-editing, Netherlands-Institute-for Sound-and-Vision, sound-for-motion-picture, Film-series

A popular prime minister candidate and a well-known thriller book writer face each other in court after she accuses him of sexual abuse just before the election.   Regie: Saskia Diesing Writer: Lykele Muus Production Sound Mixer: Antoin Cox Boom Operator (1st AS): Kristian Knoop Boom Operator (2nd AS): Thomas Machtel   Length: 80m Year: […]

De Sterfshow

De ondergewaardeerde patholoog Salman Seger wordt ingezet voor ‘De Sterfshow’, een realityshow waarin gestemd kan worden op welke Nederlander geëxecuteerd moet worden. In eerste instantie geniet Salman van zijn nieuwe status als BN’er, maar dan komt zijn zoon door een viral video bovenaan de Sterflijst te staan…  By: Johan Paul de Vrijer, Timo Ottevanger, Edson […]