I offer different audio equipment packages for fiction, documentary, and commercial projects. Each project requires a different approach. The choice of equipment and package depends on the scenario, the director’s vision, and the camera plan.

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Zaxcom Nomad 12T (first unit)
Zaxcom Maxx 8ch (second unit)

2x Sennheiser MKH-8050 super cardoid
2x Sennheiser MKH-8060 shotgun
1x Schoeps MK41 super cardoid
1x Schoeps CCM 8 bi-directional
3x Sanken Cos11 lavaliers
1x DPA 6061
3x DPA 6060

Suspensions/wind protection:
1x Cinela Piani-3 MS [ mike use: MKH8060 & Schoeps MK8 ]
2x Rycote WS [ mike use: MKH8050 ]
1x Rycote WS [ mike use: MKH8060 ]
2x Rycote Inv-Lite [ mike use: MKH8060 & MKH8050 ]

2x Zaxcom QRX200 Receiver
1x Zaxcom RX4 Receiver
2x Zaxcom ZMT3.5 Transmitter
1x Zaxcom ZMT Phantom 2
1x Zaxcom TRX743 Timecode:
2x Tentacle Sync
4x Zaxcom Wireless ERXTC TC
1x Zaxcom IFB100 In Ear Monitoring, Zaxnet & Timecode Transmitter
4x Zaxcom ERXTC In Ear Monitoring Receiver [ guide track for director & cam dept. ]
1x Zaxcom RX12 Receiver
5x QRX212 Receiver Modules

4x Tentacle E-sync
4x Zaxcom ERXTC

1x Panamic Maxi
1x Panamic XS
1x Doc Ambient Med

2x Soundcart
x Acoustic Carpets
x Acoustic blankets
x Multiple Headphones or earphones
1x Cedar DNS2 Noise Suppressor