Kristian Knoop (1992) is a Dutch Production Sound Mixer and Boom Operator. He graduated in 2018, receiving his diploma in sound design at the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA). 

My passion for sound has been a constant throughout my life. I started building amplifiers with knickknacks and playing with old radios when I was a child. My love for cinema started in 2012 during an internship at Cue Creative in The Hague. A year later I decided to continue developing myself at The Netherlands Film Academy, where I learnt how to tell a story through sound recording.

Over the past years, I have worked as a production sound mixer and boom operator on documentaries, feature films, series, and commercials. See my portfolio

I am very dedicated to my work and I keep on learning every day with a great smile.

My vision about recording production sound for film

Sound is something everyone interprets in a different way. A film becomes interesting when picture and sound perfectly align with each other. My goal as a Production Sound Mixer is to create consistency between picture and sound, which together make up the story. For me, it is not only about hearing but more importantly about understanding the sound and its added value of the location and weather. Therefore I always seek to record audio with the highest quality as possible, to guarantee that the sound contributes to the story of the film, giving the right message to the spectators.

I always make sure the right preparations have been made, in order to decide the right angle of incidence. In all stages; preparations, sound recording, and sound design; finding the right balance between picture and sound should be leading. I therefore always meet with the sound designer to find solutions and make choices together before shooting.

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Phone: +31643109242